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Adi’s DIYA Experience

The 2020 summer internship experience has been extremely rewarding and valuable to me. Over the past month and a half I have been able to learn about key principles of data science and machine learning, which were two topics that I had very limited exposure to beforehand. Being able to learn about concepts and apply them at the same time was also extremely helpful. I appreciated that every week there was a clear goal. That made it easier to think about how I would section my time and what I would need to complete throughout the week. The resources provided were helpful, and at the same time there was enough freedom to do research on my own, which is where I find a lot of learning comes from.  The addition of a TA to the internship was also extremely helpful. Having office hours to talk to Teja and being able to bounce ideas off of him on Slack helped keep me on the right track. Slack as a whole was a communication tool I found helpful throughout, whether it was used to communicate with mentors or the other interns. Although we were all focusing on different problems, there were often times where we were running into similar challenges, and communication was helpful there. I think having the option to pursue any problem we could find from the dataset was another positive learning moment. It allowed me to look at different ways people use machine learning when working with text analysis. I was able to learn about TF-IDF and other methods of text analysis, which could be useful for future use. I look forward to furthering my exploration of data science so that I can hopefully use some of these skills in my college and career. This was a great introduction for me, and it has gotten me not only more familiar with but also more excited about data science and machine learning.