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Data Science Exploration

The Data Science Exploration program is a 2-week online program introducing the concepts of data science. Students will study applications of data science in the real world and learn to identify patterns in data using visualization tools. Finally the students will apply the concepts they learned in a hands-on mini-project. 

This program is open to all high school students eager to delve into the exciting field of data science and discover its boundless possibilities.

Program content

  • Dive into practical real-world data science case studies
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of statistical concepts
  • Explore diverse datasets
  • Master the art of data visualization through Tableau

Program highlight

  • Gain insignts into data science concepts from both academic and industry experts 
  • Explore real-world case studies addressing social challenges through data analysis 
  • Utilize data visualization tools like Tableau to detect meaningful patterns 
  • Connect and collaborate with fellow aspiring data scientists who share your passion

Who can join ?

  • High school students enrolled in the academic year 2024-2025 (9th – 12th grades)
  • Students with strong analytical abilities
  • Students who have successfully completed an Algebra 1 course or its equivalent in high school
  • From: June 17 - June 28, 2024
  • Sessions: Mon, Wed, Fri
  • Start Time: 5:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM EST
  • Duration: 2 hrs
  • Culmination Event: June 28, 2024

Sample Schedule

Day 1


June 17

Case study#1: review and discussion. Introduction to datasets and data visualization tools. Learn to import/export a dataset and to navigate the tool.

Day 2



Case study#2: review and discussion. Continuation of introduction to the visualization tools and its features. Understand differences between numerical and categorical attributes.

Day 3


June 21

Case study#3: review and discussion. Use visualization tool to filter and analyze subsets of a bigger dataset. Learn about central tendencies of data.

Day 4


June 24

Case study#4: review and discussion. Analyze the dataset for patterns. Create derived columns for the dataset. Learn about measures of data spread.

Day 5


June 26

Case study#5: review and discussion. Understand expectations for the mini-project and work individually or in teams towards the presentation.

Day 6


June 28

Prepare a presentation and showcase your mini-project on the culmination day.

Earn a certificate

Earn a completion certificate that will be validated by DIYA Research


Any high school student (incoming 9th – 12th grades) who has completed Algebra 1 can join this program. Good analytical skills and a curiosity to explore this field will maximize your experience.

We encourage you to hold off applying for this program until the you enters high school.  Our program is better suited for high school students. 

Definitely! Data Science skills can benefit anyone who wants to make informed decisions based on data. These skills can enhance your critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication abilities, which can be helpful in any area of life. By using data to inform your decisions, you can increase your chances of making the right choices. Data Science requires you to approach problems logically and analytically, helping you to be more analytical, logical, and effective in any career or personal pursuit. So, even if you don’t plan to pursue higher education in computer science or related fields, developing Data Science skills can still be valuable for your personal and professional growth.

Yes! You do not need to know programming to analyze data though programming skills helps. There are multitude of tools that can be used for data exploration, analysis and visualization. Analytical thinking, basic algebra and statistics, and a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm is all you need to join the program. 

Yes these sessions are live and synchronous. Teachers from academia and industry will be presenting topics and guiding the students through their hands-on activities. 

Yes, However if you need to discuss your unavailability on certain days, please reach out to us directly and we can work it out based on your situation.  Students will benefit the most from the interactive sessions and are expected to attend the zoom sessions online.

Based on class participation, we will group the students into teams of 2-4 students. We encourage students to work in groups so they understand the benefits of collaboration and learn to accommodate different viewpoints,  an essential skill for any career path.

There is a service charge of $50 . You will get a refund for the remaining amount if you withdraw by Jun 1, 2024

Please drop us an email at with your details. One of us from DIYA Research team will respond within a reasonable timeframe

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