Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Our Story

The DIYA journey started in the early 1990s when we were graduate students in Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. We were inspired young adults pursuing our aspirations to enter the world of technology. Our vision and dream has always been to apply our skills to solve bigger social problems and to help people who did not have access to the resources we were fortunate to have.

Our lives and careers took us along different paths but we continued to stay in touch and nurture our passion to impact the society we live in. Through the years we got more involved in our own ways of inspiring youth and sharing their passion for the world around them. We continued to grow in our careers and gained a deeper appreciation of how technology – now very different in form yet same in spirit from when we were students – fundamentally changed perspectives and lives.

We had been independently involved in  voluntary and social activities all along. The turning point in our journeys was in 2020 when socially distanced ways of interaction actually brought us working together; this time we were brainstorming ways in which we could stay connected and continue pursuing our collective passion–teaching and inspiring young adults about technology. One thing led to another, and we realized that we had set in motion DIYA Research channelling our passion towards  an important mission–to inspire youth and help nonprofit organizations.


As part of our careers, we personally have experienced the power of data science manifest in its myriad ways–from laying out implicit patterns to helping develop an intuition to driving home critical aspects of a problem.  In this age of information, data science can be a powerful tool to tackle a wide range of societal problems. We agreed that data science was a promising and unique way to inspire impressionable minds.

Our experience in academia and industry serves as a perfect complement for what we have embarked on. Incorporating DIYA Research in 2020 in the midst of the covid pandemic was our way of resolving to change the world using what we know and love–technology.