The program is online only.

The Bootcamp online session is from 10:00 AM CST to 1:00 PM CST with a short break.  The students are expected to go through the study material and complete any assignments given to them.  DIYA mentors would be available to help them during the day for help during the off hours on an as needed basis. 

The students will attend online sessions for 3 hrs in the morning.  Students will be given hands-on assignments on the topics that they learnt during the morning session.  Students are required to complete the assignments and go over the study material during the rest of the day. 

DIYA Research is a self-paced program where the students work independently on their research project at their own preferred time.  There will be a weekly meeting with the professor and the mentors. Students will be presenting their work in the weekly meeting and get guidance on the next steps.  Slack is used for communication and students are encouraged to interact and seek help in slack while they are working on their research project. DIYA mentors will be available throughout the program to help and support.  

The research program  requires students to do some amount of self study and experiment with different approaches. The research requires a combination of mathematics, programming skills and analytical mindset. Students with a good track record in STEM related activity would be a good fit.  Prior programming experience would be a plus. 

The students will be equipped with the right skills and knowledge through the bootcamp to be able to successfully complete the project and write reports. Selected students need to bring enthusiasm, inquisitiveness and willingness to put the effort.

While the bootcamp requires online presence, the research is self-paced. Students who are capable of handling additional workload in school with advanced courses can flex their timings to do DIYA research. However, weekly meetings with mentors is mandatory.

Payment is due within 5 days of acceptance notification.

Refunds are provided if withdrawal from the program is made by May 1, 2021. A handling and processing fee of $50 will be deducted from the full payment.

Early applicants will be notified within 2 weeks of early deadline. Regular applicants will be notified on a rolling basis until early May.

Students who apply for research may be asked for additional information before a decision ismade.

Yes, successful completion of boot camp is a per-requisite for the research program. Only a select number of  students are admitted to the research program. If admitted to research, the students should complete the boot camp assignments and activities to continue in the research program.