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DIYA  for Students

Data Science Summer Programs

DIYA Summer Programs provide an excellent opportunity for high school students to learn basic programming, data science mindset, AI & ML techniques to analyze real-world problems, frame the right questions to seek out answers from large data sets, and conduct research in wide range of problems that are impacting our society. The programs also provide an opportunity to interact and learn from experts in the field of data science from academia and industry.

Data Science Exploration

Unlock the world of data science.

  • Learn about data science basics, statistics, datasets, and data visualization.
  • 2-week online summer program for both STEM and non-STEM students.

Data Science Bootcamp

Analyze data through programming.

  • Boost your coding and data analysis skills this summer.
  • 3-week of immersive learning with hands-on programming & data analysis.

Data Science Research

Fuel your Passion for Data Science.

  • Develop research questions, analyze data, and build predictive models.
  • 8-week program conducting research using real-world data sets.

Data Science Club

DIYA aims to foster a supportive community that grows students’ excitement and experience in data science. DIYA club offers a structure for high school students to acquire a data mindset and prepare to excel in the data-driven world that we live in.  Register Here

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the Bootcamp and Research Programs provide expert guidance through lab sessions, offering personalized experience in Python, Pandas, and data visualization while enhancing their research skills in a supportive, collaborative learning environment.  Apply Here


Embark on a DIYA Research internship to work on impactful projects with our industry and academic partners, gaining invaluable real-world experience and skills. It’s a unique opportunity to build your portfolio and kickstart your career in data science.



Dive into diverse volunteer roles at DIYA Research, from co-teaching and curriculum development to content creation and marketing. Your unique skills can inspire and empower our students in the world of data science. Join us in shaping future innovators! Sign-up Here