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Inspired young students put their heads together to analyze data from Each student defined their own problems and produced intriguing analysis reports based on exploratory and predictive analysis. With hands on experience on training and fine tuning models, the students gained valuable insights into data cleaning, training, modelling and analysis. They were backed by a team of dedicated mentors and undergraduate assistant.


Data Inspired Young Adults

Programming Tools

Students learned how to install python and PyCharm. They imported various python libraries such as Pandas, Seagate and Scikit . They learned how to use a local environment as well as online notebooks to write, run and debug code.

Data Inspired Young Adults

Hands-On Experience

Building customized programs to explore and analyze data. Debugging and modifying code to get meaningful results. Collaborating and comparing notes through teamwork.  

Data Inspired Young Adults

AI/ML Insights

Introductory to advanced courses in Data Science and Machine Learning. Building and optimizing models, exploratory analysis, hyper parameters and metrics to evaluate models and techniques.

Our Featured DIYAs


Choice of significant features through exploratory analysis and their role on outcome


Effect of non controlled features vs controlled features in relation to the outcomes


Prediction of Gender based on essays and how they affect the prediction outcome


Distribution of keywords and phrases in essays and their role on the prediction outcome


Sentiment analysis of essays and their significance in positive outcome